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WordPress 2.5 upload problem…

Last week I updated WordPress to version 2.5.1 and I experienced the, now quite famous, upload problem. When I tried to upload a file through the wp-admin all I got was ”crunching” and then it stopped. I even tried to turn off the new flash-upload tool by using the no-flash-upload plugin but it still didn’t work.

I was about to downgrade because NONE of the proposed solutions on the net, see below, worked.

Until finally I made a clean installation and started to compare database-entries one-by-one. Then I figured it out – and hence this post – in the wp-options table under the option_name ”upload_path” i had a value that was ”/wp-content/uploads” instead of ”wp-content/uploads”.

This minor change, by removing the initial / – made it work. The interesting thing was that the errounous path worked in all versions prior to version 2.5.


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