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Shamanen och besökarna

Fick nedanstående historia mejlad till mig från en av mina vänner från Irland.

There was an old shaman living in a rural area of peru. He lived a lovely quiet life and a lot of people came to him for advice and healing. One day a knock came to the door and when he answered there was a person inquiring about the area and wanted to know what the people were like. The shaman asked him what were the people like in the area that he lived in presently.The man said that the people were very mean and unhelpful and he didnt like them very much. The shaman told him that that is what he would find in this area.A week later another knock came to the door and another person was inquiring about the area and what the people were like again the shaman asked the same question about what the people were like in the mans own hometown. the man said that they were the nicest people that anyone could wish for as everybody helped each other in any way possible.The shaman said that is what you will find here.

Vad fick du ut av historien?


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