Alternatives to gold in Avanza pension portfolio

Hello! From what I understood, I cannot own gold through pension funds on Avanza (because it is only accessible through ETFs which cannot be added to the pension account). What are the available alternatives to it for spreading the risk? Real-estate, other commodities? Any examples of funds or other suggestions?

It might not be what you are after, but the Atlant Precious and AuAg Precious Green has exposure to gold. AuAg Precious Green actually allocates somewhere around 40-50% (if memory serves me) to ETC’s. These funds are quite expensive, especially Atlant. I have AuAg in some of my portfolios for automatic saving (5 to 10% of the total allocation which results in around 2-5% Gold ETC:s).

Exactly! I’ve seen both their precious metals funds and it seems too expensive if I try to live up to “the cheapest index fund” principle and compare with other funds in my global portfolio. That’s why I started wondering if there are possible ways to distribute the risk other than owning gold/silver.

If you still have active contribution to your pension funds, you could perhaps do “Löneväxling”. At least at some employers this gives a bit more freedom to choose how you invest the money. You can leave a percentage of the incoming money as “likvida medel” and buy for example 4GLD with them.

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Om du vill undvika en ev. otrevlig överraskning i form av avgifter på minst 0,3% kan jag rekommendera GZUR med avgift 0,15%. Att byta senare när/om mäklarna börjar skickade vidare avgiften för 4GLD blir det kostsamt.