Avanza Räkneexempel totala avgifter

My Swedish is not good and I miss a lot maybe. But can you help me to understand about Avanza Counterfeit fees?
Specifically, ‘Ongoing Fees’ -
I try to understand why this fee is different for 1 year and 3 years?
For example, Franklin Technology A (acc) USD fund.

1 year:

Bellop: 1000 kr
Spartid: 1 year
Development: 10%
Ongoing charges: 18 SEK / 1,81%
I assume 1000 * 1.81% = 18 kr.
So far, everything is fine

3 years:
Bellop: 1000 kr
Spartid: 3 years
Development: 10%
Ongoing charges: 65 SEK / 6.46%
How will it be more than 3 times more now?
Any idea of ​​what formula they used?