Löneväxling eller Subsidised Shares

Löneväxling eller Subsidised Shares

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I currently work for Schibsted, earning 44 000 SEK. I’m 44 years old.

We have the ability to buy shares through our employer. For every 2 shares, we get a 3rd share free. This is given 2 years after the purchase date.

We also have löneväxling. This is topped up with an extra 6%. I am investing in broad, low-cost index funds.

Apart from my home mortgage, I don’t have any other debts or loans.

Which would be better to focus most of my money into to?

  • The Schibsted shares provide the biggest ‘bonus’ (50%), but there is all the inherent risk of investing in a single stock.
  • The löneväxling is only giving a 6% bonus but feels more stable.

I am also saving money into a savings account to periodically pay off the interest only mortgage, plus putting money into an Avanza index fund.


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Hi William,

Thank you for reading my blog. It’s difficult to give a definitive answer. The rule of thumb is not to use ”löneväxling” below 40 000 in salary, which you are above. Is it possible to do a combination or is it one or the other?

Otherwise I would try to do a calculated risk analysis. If you get a third stock free, will the potential loss in two years be covered by the third stock? If yes, then probably i would go for the stocks (since you are saving on the side).

Sorry to not be able to give a better answer.



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