Lag #07: Lagen om ständig utvärdering

Lag #07: Lagen om ständig utvärdering

Den sjunde lagen i Swanson’s ”Unwritten rules of management” handlar om att konstant utvärdera att de erhållna nyttigheter i ett projekt är precis de som de bör vara. Undvik Newton’s lag om att till varje aktion finns en lika stor aktion riktad i motsatt riktning.

Constantly review developments to make sure that the actual benefits are what they were supposed to be. Avoid Newton’s Law.

Follow-through is just as important as good decision-making in the first place. When deciding on a course of action, set measurable objectives that can be monitored over time to make srue the decision is yieldind the intended benefits. By ”avoid Newton’s Law”, I mean that ”for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Assume that your decision may have second- and third-order effetcts. Monitor the progress of the actions you set in motion to make sure these effects are not counter-productive, and if they are, that they are adressed early.

At Raytheon, our program managers use various process disciplines that enable them to evaluate how well the program is proceeding and whether mid-course corrections are needed.

When used properly, these disciplines are a powerful management tool to keep programs on course. However, it is essential that the manager uses the disciplines to gain insight into his or here program and its progress, and not simply as a way to ”check the box”.

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