Nyhetsbrev från Better Globe

Nyhetsbrev från Better Globe

Nyhetsbrev för Maj från Einar Formo – VD för Better Globe:

The results for May 2008 are following the same pattern as the previous months with a revenue higher than ever. More people are joining and this shows us what Better Globe is standing for attracts people everywhere. Many people also sees the opportunity to save money for the future by purchasing trees. You must remember that every tree you buy makes you put aside money for the years to come. This because you will be paid a profit from the trees from the 5th year and until you have owned the trees for 20 years. The trees will certainly give you a higher profit than you probably can find elsewhere!

Nu bär det snart av ner till Afrika. Vår förhoppning är att kontinuerligt kunna publicera bilder och texter. I annat fall kommer de upp i slutet av juni.

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