Reaching the $5 Million Club Takes an Open Mind

The Old Saying is true: The rich are different. But not only do their values and habits set them apart from the hoi polloi, they’re different from their wealthy predecessors of a generation ago. For those interested in joining their ranks, it helps to understand why.

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/…/ When people dream of getting rich, it’s about more than nice clothes and fancy vacations. Being rich means freedom: to spend your time as you please, to pursue your real interests and to take a chance without courting utter ruin. Paradoxically, the road to riches often means acting as if you already have that freedom. /…/


Psychologist Richard Wiseman has found that people who describe themselves as lucky share common habits that account for their success: They’re friendly and fond of new experiences, traits that put them on a collision course with new opportunities. In addition, ”lucky” folks simply have higher expectations of success — they’re too pigheadedly optimistic to heed the long odds and call it quits.Not to say that getting rich is simply a matter of having a swell attitude. The path to riches usually involves the kind of risk that would make most people feel a little queasy.

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