Avanza USA fund



So Avanza introduced new USA index fund following MSCI SRI 5% index fund.

Would investing in this fund makes it more diversified for someone who is investing in Avanza Global?

Or is it better to skip it and keep investing more in AG?


What I did,


Putted some Money (only bought once) in it and see how it goes, its for my pension so it has some time on my side!

If you’re investing in Avanza Global you are already exposed to the US market by around 60% of your total investment. Investing in Avanza USA is redundant because you will mostly invest in the same companies you are already investing in.

If you are building a portfolio yourself with more control over how much you are investing in each part of the world Avanza USA may be an option. Just be wary that it’s a smaller fund with only 150 companies compared to other cheap USA funds like Länsförsäkringar USA Indexnära that invest in 500 companies or SPP Aktiefond USA that invest in 550–650 companies.