Bloomberg om multipelarbitrage

Första gången jag ser en “mainstream”-tidskrift prata om multipel-arbitrage. :slight_smile:

Companies such as Lifco AB, Indutrade AB and Embracer Group AB have earned the moniker serial acquirers based on an aggressive deal-making strategy that has seen their operational footprints explode in size.

The trick has been to find targets with valuation multiples that are much lower than those of the serial acquirer. That leads to what’s known as “multiple arbitrage,” meaning a quick revaluation of the newly acquired asset as it joins a bigger cluster of portfolio companies.

But that model has proven so attractive that suitable M&A opportunities in the Nordic region’s biggest economy are becoming something of a crowded trade.

Förmodligen en marknadsineffektivitet som därmed är på väg bort.

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Som vanligt när gemene man får reda på ”börsklipp” är det för sent. (Så läser jag det sista stycket)

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