Morgan Housel: How People Think

Morgan Housel, min favoritförfattare och bloggare dundrar in ett nytt tänkvärt blogginlägg:

Nedan är bara rubrikerna. Fantastiskt. :blush:

  1. Everyone belongs to a tribe and underestimates how influential that tribe is on their thinking.

  2. What people present to the world is a tiny fraction of what’s going on inside their head.

  3. Prediction is about probability and putting the odds of success in your favor. But observers mostly judge you in binary terms, right or wrong.

  4. We are extrapolating machines in a world where nothing too good or too bad lasts indefinitely.

  5. There are limits to our sanity. Optimism and pessimism always overshoot because the only way to know the boundaries of either is to go a little bit past them.

  6. Ignoring that people who think about the world in unique ways you like also think about the world in unique ways you won’t like.

  7. We are pushed toward maximizing efficiency in a way that leaves no room for error, despite room for error being the most important factor of long-term success.

  8. The best story wins.

  9. We are swayed by complexity when simplicity is the real mark of intelligence and understanding.

  10. Your willingness to believe a prediction is influenced by how much you want or need that prediction to be true.

  11. It’s hard to empathize with other people’s beliefs if they’ve experienced parts of the world you have not.

  12. An innocent denial of your own flaws, caused by the ability to justify your mistakes in your own head in a way you can’t do for others.

  13. An underappreciation for how small things compound into extraordinary things.

  14. The gap between knowing what to do and actually getting people to do it can be enormous.

  15. We’re bad at imagining how change will feel because there’s no context in dreams.

  16. We are blind to how fragile the world is due to a poor understanding of rare events.

  17. The inability to accept hassle, nonsense, and inefficiency frustrates people who can’t accept how the world works.

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Många bra punkter. Påminner mycket om hur vi lurar oss själva.

Denna fångade särskilt min uppmärksamhet:

Desto mer effektiv desto mindre anpassningsbar. En liknelse kan vara att det blir snabbt tråkigt att köra en Formel-1 bil när framtiden är en djungel. Även om en Toyota Land Cruiser förlorar mot en Formel-1 bil på bana så kan en TLC köra oavsett vilken miljö framtiden bjuder på. Effektivitet kontra anpassning.

Va en TLC.

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Känner igen mig i flera punkter. Ett avsnitt kring detta ämne hade varit intressant. Känns som det går prata hur mycket som helst om kring dessa punkter.

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Har du lyssnat på Tim Ferriss nya podcastintervju med MH? Mycket intressant, rekommenderas!!

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Grymt intressant, tack för tipset!

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Tack för rekommendationen, här länken till Spotify

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