Pensionsrätt för arbetstid utomlands

Jag är svensk medborgare, född i Ősteuropa. Jag skall bytta till engelska man ni kan väl svara på svenska.

Few general details: I came to Sweden in September 1984, as political refugee, running away from a repressive communist regime. After a short period of time I landed a job with a large company. In September 1997 I moved to Switzerland at the invitation of a large American company at their office in Geneva. I retired in 2016 and I live now in France.

When preparing my dossier for pension, Pensionsmyndigheten (PM) requested information from the authorities in my old country about my education and employment history. They never answered that request. I went myself there to collect the required documents (14 years of university studies + work) that were accepted by PM for calculating my total employment history, but not for actual pension – only the employment years in Sweden were considered, which, at the time, I considered as logical and fair. However, I understand that for the political refugees that were refused pension in their country of origin – as it is my case – the Swedish authorities have decided to grant corresponding pension rights for those documented periods of time – as again it is my situation. I would like to know what piece of legislation, or official document, details the conditions for acceding to this pension rights. PM refused to give me a proper answer.

Thank you in advance for your answer.